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Our History

1960   Brock Supply Gets Started
Jerry Brock - along with his father and brother - incorporate Brock's Auto Wreckers on McClintock Drive in Tempe, AZ.
1963   Move to Second Location
Jerry Brock establishes a fresh start at Pima and Perry Lane in Tempe, AZ while his family winds down operations at the previous location.
1966   Hotline Started
Jerry Brock travels throughout the western and southern United States to sign up salvage yards on a parts-locating hotline to connect everyone, opening up opportunity for all. Over 200 yards sign on and it continues for 25 years.
1971   Move to Current Location
The company relocates again to 10 acres in Tempe, AZ as Brock's Auto & Truck Parts. The road was originally named 1st Street then was later renamed to Rio Salado Parkway.
1972   Starts Selling New Aftermarket Parts
Brock's Auto & Truck Parts begins selling new aftermarket parts, with Chevy 350 flywheels and '71 and up Pinto inside door handles among the first offered.
1978   First Printed Catalog
Brock's starts producing full-size catalogs featuring new aftermarket parts and supplies. The run of print catalogs would continue until 2006 and include many editions.
1979   Keep Trak™ Markers are Born
The company starts manufacturing and selling its own brand of markers. The Keep Trak™ brand would become very popular with salvage yards across America.
1980   Salvage Operation Ends
The company adopts Brock Supply as the official business name and commits to selling only new aftermarket parts and supplies. All salvage vehicles and related equipment are auctioned off.
1996   Catalog Goes Online
Brock Supply becomes a very early adopter of e-commerce with the full catalog going active on
1997   Construction of Main Tempe Building
Brock Supply completes construction of a new national distribution center where the salvage yard used to be. The 50,000 sq. ft. of warehouse and corporate office space permits further expansion of the business.
2007   Warehouse Opens in Virginia
Brock Supply opens operations in Danville with a 70,000 sq. ft. national distribution center.
2009   Tow Truck Restoration
Jerry Brock finds and restores a replica of the original tow truck he used when running his salvage yard in the early days. The 1958 Chevrolet Holmes 525 Wrecker goes on to be featured in many car shows, trade shows, parades, and publications.
2010   Shanghai Office Opens
An office to help work with suppliers and support our Purchasing department is opened in Shanghai, China.
2011   Warehouse Opens in Texas
Brock Supply opens operations in Terrell with a 60,000 sq. ft. national distribution center.
2013   Retail Channel Expands
Brock Supply enters major retail operations with